Capacity d' Eversem

Mother of Hacienda d'Eversem, damline Evita SG

Sheyenne de Baugy Grand Veneur Amour du Bois
Tanagra G
Berenice Nankin
Ondine de Baugy
Vienna d' Eversem (Vienna Rouge) Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Sonora d' Eversem Codexco
New Look d' Eversem

Capacity d'Eversem jumped at international 1m50 level with Dominique Hendrickx. This bloody mare descends from an international performing damline. Her mother Vienna d'Eversem aka Vienna Rouge (f. Heartbreaker) showed during World Cups (1m60) with Keean White for Canada. Capacity her grandmother Sonora d'Eversem (f. Codexco) jumped at 1m50 shows. Sonora is also the mother of Evita SG Z, the Verdi-daughter who jumped with Emilio Bicocchi the 1m60 Grand Prixs. Evita SG Z won in 2020 the Z-ranking. Sonora d'Eversem is the mother of Golden Wonder (1m50) as well.

Capacity d'Eversem jumped 1m50 with Dominique Hendrickx

  • Winner Small Big Prize Lummen 1m50 in 2012
  • Winner in Kappelen in 2012
  • 5th place CSI Antwerpen 2012

Capacity d'Eversem is the mother of:

  • Fakir d'Eversem - approved stallion
  • Hacienda d'Eversem - 1m55 Wilm Vermeir
  • Jakke - 1m55
  • Kyra - 1m45

Capacity d'Eversem is the full sister of Biscaya d'Eversem, 1m60 Nations Cup Ireland

Capacity d'Eversem is the grandmother of:

  • Newton van het Krekelhof - 1m60 with Catherine Tyree
  • Kyrelle van het Krekelhof - 1m45 France
  • Milano van de Molenberg - 1m45 Italy
  • Remus van het Krekelhof - cyclus 6 year olds with Tim Reygaerts
  • Born: °2002
  • Sex: mare
  • Studbook BWP
  • Colour chestnut

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